Interactive 校园地图 of 十大网赌靠谱信誉平台 


无花果. 1 -学院大厅

Academy Hall is one of many academic buildings across campus. 在这里,你会发现 general purpose classrooms including two lecture rooms featuring Smart Technology as well as computer laboratories, the journalism media center, the engineering lab, the information technology department, and faculty offices. 

无花果. 教堂麦基艺术中心

的 Church-McKee Arts Center serves as the College’s and the community’s cultural events center with an auditorium that seats nearly 1,000 guests. 事件包括 commencement ceremonies, musical productions, orchestra and band concerts, 音乐、戏剧、舞蹈和视觉艺术节目. 教室和教员办公室 都在大楼的侧翼吗. 户外招待会和音乐会 通常在Church-McKee广场举行.

无花果. 14 & 18 - 1号运动中心 


的 Softball Field, home to the women Catamounts, offering one of the finest facilities in the region with a permanent 出field fence, hitting tunnels, 记分牌和露天看台.

Stayman Field is home to the men’s and women’s soccer and lacrosse programs. A $1 million renovation included the installation of artificial turf, lights and 改进的更衣室. 的 field is also used for intramurals, soccer y出h camps, 和矿物县高级奥林匹克运动会.

的 Outdoor Basketball Court is lit and serves as a venue for nightly pick-up games. 

无花果. 19 A. - J. 爱德华凯利综合娱乐中心

的 College’s recreation center is located in the J. 爱德华·凯利综合体.

的 gymnasium allows students to play basketball, volleyball, soccer, or walk or 在场地周围的跑道上跑圈. 校内活动包括篮球、 足球,排球,还有橄榄球.

的 weight and cardiovascular rooms have more than 30 pieces of equipment. 一个锻炼 studio is where yoga, Pilates, and aerobic exercise sessions are held.

的 center also loans 出 mountain bikes and kayaks when students present their IDs so they can take advantage of all the natural beauty and 出door recreation 校园周边选择. 

无花果. 19 B. - WVU护理学院BSN项目 

Our state-of-the-art nursing labs support our WVU Bachelor of Science Nursing 程序. 的re are eight bed units, each set up to mimic the inpatient environment, with functioning oxygen, air, suction, patient monitor, bedside computer, and “条形码扫描器”.  We have manikins on which students practice nursing care and decision-making skills including a simulation baby to help students 学习如何照顾婴儿. 安装了麦克风-摄像系统 at each bed unit, which enables us to audio and video record students’ performance to be used in the debriefing process of simulation. 该设施包括 讲堂和教职员办公室. 

无花果. 24, 29, & 30 -第二运动中心 

的 Indoor Riding Arena totals 27,500 square feet and is used for equine classes 举办马术和家畜比赛. 它是学院的所在地 四分之一马群. Students can also board their own horses for a fee.

金公园是男子棒球队的主场. 这个场地提供一流的演出 surface, hitting tunnels and one of the best views in college baseball. 一个球员 clubhouse and concession stand were recently completed. 

无花果. 23, A. ——玛丽·F. 托运人图书馆

玛丽·F. 托运人图书馆 is a welcoming place where you can meet up with friends, complete assignments, research information, work at a computer, or just hang 出.

的re are study spaces and areas where you can collaboratively work in groups or 自学.  You can borrow a laptop computer or work at one of the 大楼里到处都是台式电脑. 

Library staff can show you where to find resources that are instantly available or how to use electronic resources anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

的 Library's talented team is ready to assist you with your information needs.

无花果. 23, B. -学业成功中心

的 mission of the Academic Success Center is to help students define, clarify 实现他们的学术目标.

的 Center is free to all students seeking extra academic help. 专业和 peer tutors are available to work with students on specific assignments, prepare 为考试,或提高整体学习技能.

你会找到4个.0 students here working hard toward medical school acceptance as well as students trying to master their first math class.

的 Center features a common study area and a computer lab.

无花果. 26 - Quad

的 Quad is literally the center of campus and the heart of the College. 在 the day you’ll see students sitting on the wall around the flagpole or meeting up with friends on the benches and around the tables. 一年四季,学生 activities such as the Family Farewell Picnic; Quad Fest with music, games and food; Relay for Life, and movies under the stars all take place in this grassy 有人行道的区域.

无花果. 33 -大学广场

大学楼是六个宿舍楼之一. 这是学院最大的大厅 and serves as more of a hub for students with the Potomac Commons for dining, the Potomac Rapids, a cash-n-go food option, a fitness center, study areas, 剧院/教室和宿舍生活办公室. UP设有套房式生活 with double and limited single rooms with private baths. 这个男女同校的宿舍,还有 the other five halls feature high-speed Internet, cable TV, air conditioning, 自习室和洗衣设施. 

无花果. 34 - Gustafson农场 

的  古斯塔夫森农场共有368人  acres, and serves as a mixed-use production farm and teaching lab. 学生获得 hands-on experience in agriculture business, marketing and production of various crops, specialty, and value-added products, including meat goats, hogs, beef cattle, maple syrup, honey, mushrooms, and a variety of greenhouse and high tunnel 种植鲜花、水果和蔬菜.  鼓励学生进行实验 with various products to meet the changing agricultural landscape, while also focusing on innovative and practical production systems. 两个额外的学院 farms complete the more than 800 acres of 出door classroom for our agriculture, 林业和马术课程.